Thursday, July 21, 2011

Still hard at work ~ A few finished pieces!

I love how this cottage style dresser turned out! It was painted black but a terrible paint job. I sanded and re-painted it with some behr paint & primer in a dark brown then dry brushed the dark teal color over it. I then "roughed it up" real good and viola!

 We now have some room in the garage for finished pieces! The plan is to have some back up stock!

We call this piece "big red". I have had it for almost 3 years in the garage. It need some work and to be sanded and painted. Of course someone had painted it an awful red color- again a horrible paint job! Now it looks pretty good, its made by Drexel and has a beautiful curved glass door and 2 shelves inside.
I got this table at a friends yard sale for $50! Its solid oak and very heavy! I decided to leave the top unpainted since it was in such good shape. I love the look!