Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter is here! How many days til Christmas???

 Its getting dark early at the shop. I love the blue sky in this picture! Boy it was cold though! Check out our new concrete sidewalk!!! The shop is getting some major improvements.
 My awesome antique mantle is all decorated for the holidays. Lots of red and green!
This great 2 pc. hutch I painted black is all decked out with pine greenery and some of my primitive snowmen.
 I had to bring this old green and red factory cart in for the holidays, you can't see the wheels but they're painted red!
Terry worked really hard on these deco nightstands, they started out as a vanity and no one waned it so we cut it apart and voila! 
Finally the front view of the barn, full and ready for shoppers! Now we will start packing and moving!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Looks Like We're Moving!

After over 20 years here at the old hacienda on Wildwood Dr. we'll be moving on! The neighbors don't like me "running a business" in my back yard. I thought this was America??? Anyway Things happen for a reason, We found a business/residential house with a small barn where I can run my business!

Its a really cool spot, in the country and less than 10 minutes where I grew up! I've passed this place a million times and always thought it was the cutest little house & barn.

It has old chicken coops, about an acre of land and lots of parking for my future customers!!! There are a few little details like the house is very small, we're leaving our 4 bedroom 3 level house with 2.5 acres but we're supposed to be downsizing. All the kids are grown and we don't really need all that space. We're still working out the details like where will my 18 x 21' carport go {have to have a place to paint!!}

The house was built in the 1800's and has the original log walls upstairs, a wood stove, really nice deck and covered front porch. I am looking forward to decorating as I never really did at the old house raising 5 kids, never had the time or money! We hope to have monthly sales at the little barn and be open by chance on the weekends. The owner is planning on building a big barn where the chicken coops are. Not sure when that will happen. Move in is set for Dec 1 but we won't actually movie into the house until Jan 1. I have a ton of stuff! Change is good right??

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Finally, Fall is on the way!!!

I am so happy when fall finally gets to Maryland. We have had the hottest and worst summer ever here! Its been a challenge sanding, painting and loading the trailer.

We're working with cooler colors now which is always fun.

We just went to the shop on Thursday and have sold a couple of dressers so it time to paint some more!  I never have a hard time finding vintage stuff, rather it finds me!

I found a new rug for one side of the barn, I hope to one day make some much needed changes in there. We're so busy that there's never enough time to do a "good cleaning" and re decorating in there.

I have been finding some cool industrial things as well. I have a couple of things I'm working on like a great farm table on wheels that I'm putting a zinc top on, work benches and kitchen islands.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Its Been A Busy Summer!

I have been so busy this summer, with the killer heat its been hard to get any work done but I have been keeping the shop full! The antique white set in the back sold in 4 days! It was awesome, built in 1946, 5 matching pieces, solid mahogany.

Here's a better picture, 2 nightstands, chest on chest, dresser and vanity/desk.

Lots of my favorite aqua for the last days of summer. We're getting ready to start with darker fall colors, I can't wait for fall!!!
I'm done with the wrought iron and garden stuff too, tired of wire brushing and spraying with rustoleum!
Front of the shop. Its pretty full too!

Monday, June 11, 2012

New Summer Projects and Some Great Finds!

I can't believe its summer already! I'm getting ready for a garage/tag sale at the Vintage Barn. Our back yard, garage, tents & new carport are overflowing!!! I have too many projects and will never complete most of them. I have faced the fact that I'm a pack rat {of vintage furniture & junk}!! I need to make room for some new stuff. We had a great sale at the shop last month so now it should be smooth sailing right?

I took these at the shop last week. It was so empty after the big sale so I had fun filling it up again!
More chairs for the many tables I have.
Cute small bed for a customer, not sure what color to paint it though!
Love this little concrete statue. I'll have to paint it with some chalk paint, don't like gold!

Monday, May 7, 2012

New shop pictures

I've been so busy I haven't had time to even take pictures of all the great stuff I've been finding at yard sales, estate sales an at work! The weather has been pretty good for painting outside so I am just trying to keep up with all the projects I have accumulated!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring is Here!

 This antique cedar chest is awesome! It even has a drawer at the bottom.
 We got this cool garden bench at an estate sale in our neighborhood a couple of weeks ago.
Terry built this awesome potting table from a workbench, old window and some old shutters, GONE!
I have been so busy lately, {as usual} I'm back to doing some cleanouts which is a good thing cause I get some awesome stuff! Problem is I have no time to paint. We recently went to the shop and took a good sized load but most of that is now gone. I forgot to take pictures on the last trip!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A few new pictures of the shop

 I've been so busy with all the warm weather we've been having I've hardly had time to clean & paint all the stuff I've been finding. I've also been working on some cleanouts where I also find great stuff too.
I got this awesome antique 1930's industrial heat lamp recently. It also takes a regular light bulb ~ and it works!
 Antique school desk.
 Lots of my favorite color ~ Aqua!

 Great small size chimney cabinet.
Terry's awesome bench in Provence with some great feed sack pillows!