Monday, June 11, 2012

New Summer Projects and Some Great Finds!

I can't believe its summer already! I'm getting ready for a garage/tag sale at the Vintage Barn. Our back yard, garage, tents & new carport are overflowing!!! I have too many projects and will never complete most of them. I have faced the fact that I'm a pack rat {of vintage furniture & junk}!! I need to make room for some new stuff. We had a great sale at the shop last month so now it should be smooth sailing right?

I took these at the shop last week. It was so empty after the big sale so I had fun filling it up again!
More chairs for the many tables I have.
Cute small bed for a customer, not sure what color to paint it though!
Love this little concrete statue. I'll have to paint it with some chalk paint, don't like gold!