Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More pictures of my updated bedroom!

I started working on my bedroom a couple of months ago and finally finished it just before the holidays.This cabinet was my husband's when he was a child! It was an old mustard color which I had painted with some milk paint years ago. I re did it with some oops paint from home depot, adding the white details.

I also painted this old cupboard from a mustard to a light sunny yellow then glazed it. I am changing my home from dark primitives to the lighter cottage look. I love it!

I'll always keep my Mom's antique oak washstand, I remember it being chippy green when I was a child! She had it stripped and its awesome! It now holds my TV next to my bed.
My old green ladder with an antique quilt.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My New Dressers!

A few months ago I bought a 2 dressers and a matching vanity from one of my favorite stores, They were in great condition, didn't even need much sanding. Well they were going to the shop asap! Didn't happen, we had one of those torrential rains we've been having lately and the garage flooded. Since we didn't go in there to work we didn't see the water for a few days. Needless to say the dressers got ruined. The veneer buckled on the front drawers of both of the but not the vanity. Long story short: I've been wanting antique dressers for quite awhile but all the good stuff goes to the shop. Not these they were meant to be mine! Here are the before pictures.
After pictures. I've been wanting to "lighten up" my house and style to cottage from primitive and dark colors. I'm so happy with the new {old} dressers!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Carport....

I've been so busy working in the back yard trying to get the new carport and paint area set up I've hardly had time to paint! We've put a ceiling in the garage, a new vintage wood stove and lots more. I've been really bad at taking pictures, before or after. Anyway we can now keep cozy warm and paint in the garage for the winter. This is when we first got the carport.
This is now! Yeah its full already. We pulled all the project pieces from the garage and put them here and the plan is to take them out one or two at a time to sand and paint. Pictures of the new stove and my new vintage bedroom furniture coming soon!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Projects to do & some that are done

We had a big garage sale last weekend, even in all the freezing rain! We were actually very busy and sold a lot of stuff. I still have lots more to go. I'm getting a 18 x 21' metal carport to paint under and also to hold some Tag Sales instead of lugging it all to the front yard under tents.

This cute little vanity was at the shop in a creamy beige but didn't sell so it will be painted white.

I'm painting this cute little deco nightstand ASCP Old White with Louis Blue trim. I'll put a picture on soon as I finish it. Notice the original pull with bakealite!
These were from the yard sale. I'll be putting some on Craig's List, re painting some and others will go to Colorfest at Thurmont this weekend! If you're local and looking for great vintage pieces to paint or ready to go we're open most days with great bargains, just email me.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ever had too much furniture?

Because of the recent rain we've had I had no choice but to jump in the van, truck or truck & trailer and buy, buy buy! I've even gone back to good ole Craig's list - not to mention we have great estate sales and garage sales in out area! I now have a garage, 3 tents and basement full of furniture to work on.

 This was made from an old saw horse and a section of an old dropleaf table. I used 2 leaves and have one left!
I found this awesome bookcase at an estate sale.

I managed to get these done in between rains.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Here's what I've been up to! (beside getting rained on!!!)

Last week I went to buy a nice sofa table from Craig's list. Well the couple selling it were moving to Florida so they had several things to get rid of. Needless to say I got some great bargains! I have to say that I have met the coolest people on CL! We ended up with this awesome antique French bedroom set.  It has an huge armoire, dresser with mirror, 2 nightstands and full size bed. We're not sure how to sell it, leave it as is or paint it. These pictures were taken in my seller's home which was awesome too!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Still hard at work ~ A few finished pieces!

I love how this cottage style dresser turned out! It was painted black but a terrible paint job. I sanded and re-painted it with some behr paint & primer in a dark brown then dry brushed the dark teal color over it. I then "roughed it up" real good and viola!

 We now have some room in the garage for finished pieces! The plan is to have some back up stock!

We call this piece "big red". I have had it for almost 3 years in the garage. It need some work and to be sanded and painted. Of course someone had painted it an awful red color- again a horrible paint job! Now it looks pretty good, its made by Drexel and has a beautiful curved glass door and 2 shelves inside.
I got this table at a friends yard sale for $50! Its solid oak and very heavy! I decided to leave the top unpainted since it was in such good shape. I love the look!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Projects that I'll be working on

I have so many things to work on and keep finding new things. I didn't have time to take pictures of the stuff we just picked up at some estate sales this weekend but I will as asap. I'm planning a big vintage tag sale hopefull in a couple of weeks to get rid of some of the things I'll never get around to.

Yes that's my garage back there full as ever! Thats why we want to have a sale!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lots of new finds again this weekend!

I love summer! Yard sales galore, free stuff in peoples front yards, estate sales....I could go on and on! I have found so many great things I'm bursting at the seams! No time to even paint but I will find time for that as most of my finds are project pieces.

This is an old Amoco oil display shelf thats pretty rough but I plan to clean it as best as I can then put some clear sealer on it. Its cool rusty metal.

This great old red workbench is in great shape and the top is cool too. There are nails, screws and other implements that have been pounded into the top, it adds to its rustic industrial look. It would make a great table.
This is an old metal medical cabinet that I found at a yard sale. It needs to be sanded and repainted since whoever painted it had globs of paint dripping all over the place. Thats why we get these pieces so cheap!

This is a really awesome shelf {?} made from old crates. It could be a bar, store display or counter. I have to paint it, can't stand the horrible dark green on the top! I recently picked up a boatload of these crates from a client's basement. Most are attached to make wall cubbies? Anyway some have old labels on them so I'll try to get them apart and keep some as shelves and cubbies.
I scored 2 of these awesome little red folding chairs from a yard sale. The lady told me that someone had bought them but forgot to take them so I left her my card in case the person didn't come back, well I got a call that night that I could pick them up in the morning! Yeah!

Here's one big stack of the crate-cubbies. They'd make a great store display!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New finds from estate sales this past weekend!

Here are a few of the awesome things I found this past weekend!