Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our busiest Spring sale ever!

This is my 3rd year at our sweet little barn at On A Whim. I love our big sales, we have 3 every year but the Spring one is my favorite! Everyone is looking for awesome furniture to decorate or re-decorate their homes and beach houses. I have been very busy finding, scrubbing, painting and loading up not one but both our trailers!

We went to the shop on Wednesday to drop off one trailer and Friday to bring more in the other one. We were met with a whole lot of purchases by one customer that had to be delivered so.....we filled up one, took it home and Sunday filled up the other for her!
Well needless to say both trailers are now empty and so is our barn! I'm back to looking for more stuff to paint. Our garage is getting pretty empty too.

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