Saturday, October 27, 2012

Looks Like We're Moving!

After over 20 years here at the old hacienda on Wildwood Dr. we'll be moving on! The neighbors don't like me "running a business" in my back yard. I thought this was America??? Anyway Things happen for a reason, We found a business/residential house with a small barn where I can run my business!

Its a really cool spot, in the country and less than 10 minutes where I grew up! I've passed this place a million times and always thought it was the cutest little house & barn.

It has old chicken coops, about an acre of land and lots of parking for my future customers!!! There are a few little details like the house is very small, we're leaving our 4 bedroom 3 level house with 2.5 acres but we're supposed to be downsizing. All the kids are grown and we don't really need all that space. We're still working out the details like where will my 18 x 21' carport go {have to have a place to paint!!}

The house was built in the 1800's and has the original log walls upstairs, a wood stove, really nice deck and covered front porch. I am looking forward to decorating as I never really did at the old house raising 5 kids, never had the time or money! We hope to have monthly sales at the little barn and be open by chance on the weekends. The owner is planning on building a big barn where the chicken coops are. Not sure when that will happen. Move in is set for Dec 1 but we won't actually movie into the house until Jan 1. I have a ton of stuff! Change is good right??

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  1. From the looks of it, you’ve found a really good deal. Congrats! However, we’re talking about leaving a house, a community you’ve lived in for 20 years. It would be hard, I’m sure. How are you coping, by the way? I’m sure being given the freedom to do business in your premises is helping a lot with the adjustment. Plus, it would be easier to talk to people if you have a regular means to get to them. ;)