Friday, November 30, 2012

Winter is here! How many days til Christmas???

 Its getting dark early at the shop. I love the blue sky in this picture! Boy it was cold though! Check out our new concrete sidewalk!!! The shop is getting some major improvements.
 My awesome antique mantle is all decorated for the holidays. Lots of red and green!
This great 2 pc. hutch I painted black is all decked out with pine greenery and some of my primitive snowmen.
 I had to bring this old green and red factory cart in for the holidays, you can't see the wheels but they're painted red!
Terry worked really hard on these deco nightstands, they started out as a vanity and no one waned it so we cut it apart and voila! 
Finally the front view of the barn, full and ready for shoppers! Now we will start packing and moving!

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